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give it to u

by breatherholes

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worried ways 02:53
Everyone listens to our worried ways. Thinking the same thing, “you can’t see, just relax. You can’t see what comes next. Let the moment come. Let the moment come to you. We’re always standing at the door. Let it open before you try to decide what’s on the other side. Let the moment come. Let the moment come to you.”
in the wind 02:36
My father was excited when he showed me the land, and I was right there with him. We stopped for awhile in the trees and we talked about them. Then he showed me the barn or what was finished so far and he told me all his plans. As he cursed at the pigs as they bit at his feet I could tell he was content. Then he looked up past the hill and said “I hope I’m here when it’s through.” And I was so glad I was there with him, on the land in the wind. It was so good to be there with him, on the land in the wind. On the land. In the wind.
be calm 03:14
Eyes rolling on the bed, mumbling at the air, “I get it, I get it.” You said, “what’s wrong. Is something wrong? Are you having a bad trip?” You said, “please be calm. Be calm.” You led me outside. Barefoot in the light, I followed you to your car. You drove to a bridge, led me to the water’s edge, gave me a pill, said, “relax.” I stared out from the shore and let the water pour into me through my eyes. I said, “can’t you see that the water’s me and you and I and all of this, we’re all one. We’re all one.”
to hold 03:16
I’m always drawn to the primitive. All my life no matter where I lived I always was getting down to the earth on my knees knowing down there there had to be a center of some kind. With my hands I begin to dig, thinking “I’ll find something,” when all that’s down here is air, that I forget to breathe as I’m worrying and wondering, “what was it I was searching for?”
Let’s be alright together. Let’s be alright, alright? Let’s be alright with each other. Let’s be alright, alright? Let’s you and I float together over the waves away from our homes where all we do is sit and wonder, “why am I so alone?” Let’s be alright together. Let’s be alright, alright? We’ll go so far nothing surrounds us except for water, air, and sun. When we finally reach that other shore, won’t recognize anyone.
The stereo says bye to me, the monkeyhead just smiles. The roof starts leaking, after awhile, I say to myself “when will I not exist,” and I think to myself “I already did.” Then ‘come all ye faithful’ plays as I walk to buy a beer down the block. Back in my house after a line I call my home and speak with my mother about being stoned. How it’s good for the body, how it eases her pain. Then I hear the rain. Water drips from the ceiling to the floor as we begin to speak of the earth, how it’ll be alright after we’re gone and how there’s something about moving on.
Bury me, in my bare feet, bury me, bury me. And let nothing made by man be found near my body in the ground. Let it go into the dirt, become one with the earth. Then scatter the leaves and say a prayer, not to god, to the air that surrounds us all our lives and escapes us when we die. Then turn back to the sun and promise me that after all of this is done, you’ll breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.
what matters 02:33
wait for now 03:24
Someday I’ll go back and join everything that surrounds me. But I gotta wait for now. Until that day I’ll look out at everything, let the air wash over me. In the air I know someday I’ll be joined with all I see. I just gotta wait for now.
give it to u 03:15
I’ve got this gift I found in the trash. Was gonna give it to you. I never did. A horse with wings, wildflowers, the sky and moon: shellacked to wood like they used to do when we were young. I got it for you cause I could see it hanging where your other horses hung. I had to stare to see the way it shines when it’s held in the light. But by then I was blind, I couldn’t see to give it to you. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to give it to you. Please let me give it to you.


recorded in an rv in a driveway in austin, tx in the third month of the 11th year of the 21st century.


released April 1, 2011


all rights reserved



nooth hing tapes & sounds Austin, Texas


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