complete early recordings

by breatherholes

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recorded in an rv in a driveway in austin, texas at various points throughout a span of some years


released October 26, 2011


all rights reserved



nooth hing Austin, Texas


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Track Name: sseeddss
i scattered my seeds but this one stays with me
as i'm standing here, my seeds in the air
this one goes nowhere, it just stays here
so i leave, i sit and breathe, and let that seed stay with me
Track Name: the void
all i ever do is try to fill the void
but it ain't true no it ain't true
it ain't true that i can fill the void
it's never full
i just sit here staring in to find
the beginning in my mind

when we were born we saw through the void
and we found hands, human hands
hands that lifted us and carried us to a warm embrace
why do i think i can find that again?
it's impossible, still i go on searching
i guess it's a search that'll never end
until i pass through the void again
Track Name: walkwithme
i can't give you everything you want or need
but if you'd come outside and walk with me
i'd show you everything and everything you see
i'll give you all of it, everything for free
the trees and all their leaves and the way it feels
in the breeze with the sun on your neck climbing up a hill
i want you to understand the way it feels
to stare into the river or stand out in a field

i don't want nothin baby, nothin in return
all i want is what you got that i needa learn
and i'll teach you too to walk with me
out in the sun under the trees in the breeze
that's all i want from you whadda you want from me?
all i wanna do is give you the sun the trees and breeze
that's all i want from you
what the hell do you want from me?

i suspect you want somethin my pockets can't give
so i'll slip on by and let you live
but have fun baby on those couches in those homes
i'm sure i'll think of you often as i roam
and i'll wonder how you feel
as i'm breathing the breeze out in the sun climbin up a hill
Track Name: as you weep
i'm stealing energy
there's something inside of me
that makes me suck energy

i stand by your side
while you sit and cry
and as you weep
i suck your energy

i'm always in the air
i leave the room but i'm still there
i can't be seen
as i'm sucking
Track Name: old mans words
she used to say she was crazy all the time
i used to sit alone at home crying
with an old mans words in my hands
about all that life demands
and how we find it hard
to look in our own backyard
there's always something out front to do
to keep your mind off of you
Track Name: not for a little while (roky erickson)
'not for a little while' originally written and performed
by roky erickson and owned by him and you and all of us
Track Name: intelligent woman
my mother is an intelligent woman
she's so smart it breaks my heart
Track Name: intelligent woman II
my mother is an intelligent woman
she's so smart it breaks my heart
Track Name: let it rest
i can't let it rest
but i have to let it rest
all these thoughts thatre in my head
why won't i let em stop?
what is it that i want?
why won't i let it rest?

i only see what's in my eyes
and i only know what's in my mind
and i only speak in words
can't say what i ain't heard

there's a feeling i get
there'll never be words for it
so i toss what i find
out of my mind
Track Name: i'm alive (earth & sun, dirt & sky)
i remember their stories of the earth and sun
made me wonder what i'd done
to deserve this place where everything's alive
how did i get here where everything's alive?

i'm lucky i'm alive between the dirt and the sky

it took so many lives to get to mine
i can't believe none of them got sick of living
everyone carried on to get to me
everyone carried on and now there's me
Track Name: country lane
i remember someone who's walking
in the shade of a country lane
i wondered if where he was going
was somewhere i should be

so i headed down this path
understanding less than i ask
to truly understand
i'll just keep walking

now he sells chickenshit to my father
he puts it on the trees so they grow
in a few years he'll sell them
from the side of that road

now that years have passed
i understand this path
is teaching me to just be
Track Name: when there are 7
old words speak through my memory
i hear what she said to me
"there's just this moment. it's all that ever is.
if you lose sight of it just stop and breath.
and here we are."

the words she spoke
i often repeat
in my head as my fingers are counting my breath
when there are 7 i find myself alone
here in this moment it's all i've ever known
this moment is all i've ever known
and here we are

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