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come home

by breatherholes

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i’m pushing myself up out of my skull and i know i got a long way to go/the light from above surrounds me and i hear voices but all i can see is the skin of my scalp being pushed out as i force me up out of me
remember all those days it was just us lying in the grass on drugs?/we’d stare through the tree shaking in the wind as the neighbors whispered “what’s with them, anyway?”/the drugs ran out, you moved away, some men came by took down the tree and drove it away/the high, you, and that tree are gone but i still stare from in the grass into the air anyway
other things 03:07
you can sit all alone with yourself or get out in the stream just to see what it’s about/you can seek ‘til you find it’s all just laughter and never mind what came before or what’s comin after
he picked up the shovel lay it in my hands said “start digging” but i didn’t understand when he said “down here is all you’ll ever be but if you keep digging you might dig a little light in you”/i still hold the shovel but it looks like his hands these days when i look down and now i understand why he said “down here is all you’ll ever be but if you keep digging you might dig a little light in you”
how can i remember things i have forgot? how can i gain what i have lost? why can’t i see what’s in front of me? where am i headed? where ought i be?/i once walked years ago heading where i didn’t know grasping at hands smiling in eyes burning holes in my mind/here i am at the bottom of this hole i been diggin since i don’t know but it must have been years ago cuz all i see is dirt and it’s getting old
i was sitting all alone outside your home one morning/you came outside with sleep in your eyes looking for me/as you stood in the way of the door you said “come inside and get high with me”
want you out in a field to feel how it feels but i ain’t makin demands stand where you wanna stand/want you under the trees there on those leaves branches and stone i want you in my home/want you by the riverside as it all washes by to feel like you belong here too
fallen leaves when i was young made me wonder how come nothing stays i’d gather em up and lose em again/if given a chance to gather again i know i’d lose em again/tell you how it is i know it’s cuz i’ve done this all before and i know nothing lasts cuz i’ve gathered in the past
you oughta talk to your family see what they want but you ought not let it haunt you when they say “what are you doing with your life? and where will you go when it’s time?”/their words are a shadow hangin over you but you know you don’t have to pull em through as you go on remember it’s only a ride you can get off on the other side
come home 03:11
everything is all alright everything is all ok it’s all all alright i’ll find what i need someday in another life when i find myself out of my mind


recorded in an rv in a driveway in austin, tx in the 4th month of the 12th year of the 21st century.


released September 1, 2012


all rights reserved



nooth hing tapes & sounds Austin, Texas


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